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Wedding planning services | Hyderabad | Bengaluru


A wedding is two families bonding with each other for a lifetime where two people spend an entire lifetime with each other after the wedding. It is a celebration of joy, fun, and a new bond.

We always go to that extra mile to bring a smile on clients’ faces. We always make those wedding dreams come true, making it royal and like a fairytale kind. We have highly skilled professionals who take care of every detail. We curate everything according to the client’s budget and take the necessary steps to deliver the best.

Our wedding event services include

  • Planning and execution
  • Styling and Theme
  • Vendors and Partners
  • Entertainment
  • Lighting and Stage decoration
  • Blueprint and mockups
  • Welcome drinks, gifts, boxes, and transportation if needed



The engagement ceremony is one of the essential aspects of the wedding series, predominantly celebrated between the two families. This is the first and most vital event of the wedding, where both families accept for the marriage, and in the Vedic concept, it is considered the union of the two souls and bodies. This is also called the Ring Ceremony.

This ceremony varies, and some families consider this as the formal wedding announcement of the wedding date. Typically hosted by the bride’s or groom’s family, it is celebrated as the exchange of commitments and bonds between the families.

Our Engagement Event Services includes

  • Planning the theme
  • Creating the backdrop
  • Decorating the stage with flowers and lights
  • Setting up the speakers and music
  • Photography and Video coverage


Reception Event

This reception ceremony is arranged to post the wedding ceremony. Reception is the celebration of rejoicing and is conducted to introduce newlyweds to their friends and families. This is inviting the bride or groom to the family. This is a ceremony where both families enjoy food, drinks, and music together.

We deliver unforgettable event experiences in which we take care of every detail and leave you to remain stress-free.

Our Reception services include

  • Reception Styling
  • Decor Designing
  • Music and Lighting setup
  • Photography and Video setup